PUEBLO Director of Organizing and Grassroots Fundraising

Hazel Putney a native of Santa Maria, first got involved with PUEBLO in the fall of 2006.  She began with PUEBLO as a Precinct Captain and eventual founder of the Santa Maria PUEBLO Youth Committee. During high school Hazel became involved with Future Leaders of America, Just Communities and the Fund for Santa Barbara Grant-Making Committee and continues to support them as she can today. Hazel graduated from the University of Santa Barbara, California with her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Feminist Studies, during her 4 years at UCSB Hazel worked half time with PUEBLO as the Administrative Assistant. Also while at UCSB, Hazel was very involved in a number of student organizing efforts particularly around racial equality and LGBTQ community.

Hazel is a passionate advocate for social justice and sees electoral organizing as a form in which we can shift power relations and build the voice of the voiceless. Hazel began as the Director of Organizing and Grassroots Fundraising in April of 2011 and works out of PUEBLO’s north county office. She currently serves as a board member for SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network) and Just Communities.


PUEBLO North County Organizer

Antonio Rivera Sanchez was born in Puebla, Mexico. As a young child he witnessed his father organize his fellow farm workers in order to gain property rights. From experiences such as these Antonio learned the important moral foundation for his work today: that in order to bring about change we must unite and fight for it.

From 1993-1995 Antonio was a volunteer for a union of farm workers in Washington State where he was appointed as a delegate at the United Farm Workers convention. Soon, he became an organizer for the UFW and organized in various states with agricultural farmers. After working as an organizer for eight years Antonio gained a great amount of experience about the struggle for farm workers rights. 

In 2003 Antonio worked for a year with The Dolores Huerta Foundation. During this time the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers asked Dolores if Antonio could assist in organizing a discertification of a Union in Corona, California.

From 2005-2006 Antonio organized with the Union of  Local Artists 86, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union for the local 99, and the Industry of Alimentary in Phoenix, Arizona.

Antonio has been the North County Organizer for PUEBLO since 2008.