Board of Directors

Feliciano Aguilar (Co-Chair)

Feliciano is a school psychologist for the Santa Maria Bonita School District. Feliciano joined our board in March, 2011.

Belen Seara (Co-Chair)

Belen is the former executive director of PUEBLO, she stepped onto our board in January, 2012. Belen Seara was born in Argentina, and attained her education in schools in Canada and Washington before coming to work as Executive director at PUEBLO in 2008. Studying issues surrounding the structure of community organizations, her previous work also includes serving as a lead organizer for the United Farm Workers.

Belen lead PUEBLO as the Executive Director from January 2008 until April 2011. She is currently working as a Land Use Director for an organization in Oakland,CA called Urban Habitat.

Samuel Duarte (Secretary)

Samuel Duarte joined the PUEBLO Board in December of 2011. Samuel works to connect families to resources as the Guadalupe Family Service Center Coordinator.

Cruz Phillips (Treasurer)

Cruz Phillips spent 15 years as a community organizer in the farm worker movement.  She was the National Director of the successful Campbell Soup Boycott for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Development Director for the National Farm Worker Ministry, and Community Organizing Director for the United Farm Workers of America.  Cruz has been a field coordinator for several political campaigns including Hilda Solis for Congress and Alan Cranston for Senate.  She has been a trainer for both unions and community organizations including the United Domestic Workers, SEIU, Neighbor to Neighbor, and PUEBLO.  Cruz currently is working as a horse trainer and an organizing consultant for community organizations and campaigns.  She is an active board member of five non-profits, PUEBLO, PUEBLO Action Fund, the Dolores Huerta Foundation and two riding organizations.

Greg Prieto

Greg Prieto is a Graduate Student, University of California, Santa Barbara. He joined the PEF board in September 2009. Before becoming a board member, Greg has volunteered with PUEBLO and has recently begun an internship working with the Executive Director and other volunteers to end car impoundments targeted at undocumented migrants.  His work with PUEBLO stems from a personal and political commitment to social justice and to equality for all those living and working in Santa Barbara county, especially marginalized members of our county.  As a PUEBLO Education Fund (PEF) Board Member, Greg hopes to contribute to PEF's ongoing mission to advocate for the rights and well being of low income and immigrant members of our community. Greg serves on our Fundraising Committee.

Tere Jurado 

Joined in March, 2011

Anna Kokotovic

Joined in March 2011

Jose Raygoza

Joined March, 2011

Selma Rubin (Honorary Board Member)

Selma Rubin was a founder of PUEBLO and served on PUEBLO's board from the time of its inception until passing away on March 8th, 2012. Selma served as PUEBLO's Board Treasurer for over 10 years and played a critical role in not only the start of the organization but also its continued existence over the years.