About Us

 PUEBLO's Mission

PUEBLO is a multi-issue economic and environmental justice non-profit organization working to empower the low-income people of Santa Barbara County through educational programs and civic participation.

PUEBLO is dedicated to developing organizational leadership within the working community and educating the larger community to the problems and needs of the low-income families whose work supports the entire economy. PUEBLO has a ten year history with accomplishments such as passing a living wage ordinance, controlling bus fare increases, winning new bus routes in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, placing a bus rider on the MTD Board, passing a countywide renter protection ordinance, bringing the Mexican Consulate services back to Santa Maria, engaging local law enforcement in talks on car confiscation and Secure Communities, significantly increasing voter participation in low income/ low propensity precincts and much more.

Currently PUEBLO has active housing, immigration, youth and transportation committees that are made of community members who identify and spearhead PUEBLO’s campaigns with the support of organizers.

Our Model

PUEBLO's organizing model includes the following programs designed to build the power and voice of working families in Santa Barbara County.


  • House Meeting Campaigns

In house meetings, a volunteer invites several neighbors or friends to their house to talk about building a strong voice for working families. House meetings identify new leaders in the community, increase PUEBLO’s membership, and lay the foundation for our Neighborhood Chapters. Each year, PUEBLO conducts at least one house meeting campaign. Since 2003, PUEBLO organizers and volunteers have organized about 250 house meetings, reaching over 1,000 people.

  • Neighborhood Committees/Chapters

Neighborhood Chapters are committees of neighborhood leaders who decide and act on pressing local issues. Each chapter decides its campaigns, meets with elected officials in their community, works in coalition with other chapters on regional issues, and organizes neighbors to take action.

Current active committees are:

Santa Maria: Housing, Immigration, Youth, Public Transportation

Santa Barbara: Immigration


Voter Registration

Every election, PUEBLO identifies and contacts infrequent voters, helping them register and vote through providing education on candidades in their precinct. Precinct leaders walk door-to-door and talk with voters about issues and initiatives endorsed by the Neighborhood Chapters throughout the year. PUEBLO is often the only contact for many of these voters, who are often ignored by campaigns that primarily focus on “likely” voters. PUEBLO currently has over 30 Precinct Leaders throughout Santa Barbara County that have weighed in on many elections.

Issue Campaigns and Coalition Work

Each Neighborhood Chapter decides and works on local issues. Current issues include affordable housing, public transportation, stoping a metal scrapyard from being placed in a low-income neighborhood, immigration and education. PUEBLO engages in strategic campaigns that ensure that the needs of working families are prioritized through public policy. PUEBLO currently participates in coalitions for living wages, health care, immigrant rights, and public transportation. PUEBLO participates in coalitions on local, regional, statewide, and national levels.

Leadership Training

PUEBLO is continuously working to build the skills, knowledge, and organizing capacity of our Neighborhood Chapters and general members through training. Training is both by outside trainers as well as by the PUEBLO staff. Training topics include fundraising, media relations, meeting facilitation, voter registration and participation, recruitment of volunteers, campaign development, and working with local government.